1 October 2019

Beginning of works at protection of server rooms in Ministries of Interior in Cantons

Amongst projects financed by the EU, are projects of reconstruction and modernisation of server rooms in use by the Ministry of interior.

One of the important aspects in the reconstruction planning, was the protection of server rooms by the automatic fire extinguishing systems. Arcus was selected to install fire suppression systems in 9 server rooms, located in different cities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main challenge of this task is the careful coordination, as the series of electrical, mechanical and construction works is required before the equipment may be installed and commissioned.

The investor accepted the offer to have installed Siemens CerberusPRO for the electrical, and Siemens Synorix for the mechanical part of the system. As an extinguishing medium, a Novec 1230 compound will be used, as it is modern, ecologically acceptable formulation, known not to have damaging effect to the electronic equipment. In each of the server rooms it is planned to have overpressure flaps installed, to protect walls from damage at the moment of system activation.

The protected buildings are in cities of Sarajevo, Gorazde, Livno, Ljubuski, Tuzla, Travnik and Zenica.

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