15 December 2019

Completion of works fire detection system at Oil Terminal in Živinice

Having successfully completed installation of fire detection system in Oil Terminal Hifa in Zenica, Arcus won the contract of installation of fire detection system at Oil Terminal in Živinice, as a part of an reconstruction effort planned by Terminali Federacije company.

The Terminal was out of function since 1996. Since then, some of the existing installations and systems became obsolete and dysfunctional. Most of the existing installations were not subjected to operational or functional testing as it was defined by the applicable laws, and storage capacities were not utilised at all. This led to the reconstruction and modernisation of all parts of the Terminal, of such a scope to upgrade it to the level defined by the technical standards and applicable laws.

For the fire detection system, a new cabling had to be installed, together with protective devices from the Siemens CerberusPRO family.

A number of buildings inside the Oil Terminal facility were protected: guardhouse, dispatcher center, oil tanks, road tanker tankage and rail tanker bridging.

Oil tanks were protected with special thermo-sensory cable, given the very limited abilities for fire detection of the standard fire sensors.

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