1 December 2013

Office of the High Representative building – replacement of fire system

Arcus was contacted by the OHR Maintenance Department to provide bidding documents for design and quote for improved solution to fire detection and alarm system. Due to lack of lack of locally available adequate servicing and maintenance for installed equipment OHR was forced to seek for permanent solution of this issue.

In the bid Arcus provided based on the information provided by the client, it was guaranteed that the fire detection and alarm system is going to function perfectly if fire node is installed to include several types of different cables.

Owner of the building awarded the contract to Arcus whose job was to dismantle the existing system and install brand new fire detection and alarm system.

Installation of the system had to be performed without disruption of the OHR’s operations inside the building which proved to be a quite challenging task.

However, Arcus technicians managed to dismantle the old and install the new Esser by Honeywell system in less than 4 days. Once installed, the system was thoroughly    tested and formally handed over to the user. OHR security staff was also trained in use of the system.

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