Embassy buildings, buildings of foreign organisation and branch-offices
1 United Nations Mission Headquarters, main building, Sarajevo (Fire detection system, gas detection system)
2 Embassy of Sweden and Norway building, Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
3 Embassy of Germany building, Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
4 Embassy and residence of the abassador of Republic of Turkey, (Fire detection system, CCTV, access contol system, carbon monoxide detection system, Explosive gas detection system, Fire extinguishing system)
5 NATO HQ, Butmir camp, Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
6 Office of the high representative (OHR), HQ, Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
7 Embassy of Greece, Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
8 Embassy of Hungary, Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
9 Embassy of Kingdom of Spain (Fire detection system)
10 Residences of officers of Embassy of Norway, Sarajevo (Intruder alarm systems)
11 Villa Braun of USA Embassy, Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
12 Austrian Embassy Residence building (Intruder alarm system)
13 Residence of the abassador of Qatar, (Fire detection system, CCTV, intrusion system, carbon monoxide detection system)
14 Croatian consulate in Livno (Fire detection system)
15 Italian PX, SFOR/NATO base, Sarajevo (Fire detection and intruder alarm system)
16 European bank office, Sarajevo (Fire detection and intruder alarm system)
17 Training Center, PSOTC, SFOR in Butmir, Sarajevo (Access control systems, Video intercom)
18 Storage of Hazardous Materials "Hazmat" in base of SFOR in Butmir, Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
19 International Atomic Energy Agency (3 storages of radioactive materials) (Intruder alarm systems)
20 Administrative premises of ''British Council'', Sarajevo (Fire detection system, Access control systems)