Facilities for entertainment and sport
1 Casino "HIT Coloseum", Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
2 Olympic swimming pool Otoka, Sarajevo (Fire detection system, CCTV)
3 Thermal Riviera Ilidža, Sarajevo (Fire detection system, CCTV)
4 Object "The Sevdah Art House", Sarajevo (Fire detection system, Intruder alarm system)
5 Youth Center, Čengić vila Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
6 Sports Hall in Dobrinja, Sarajevo (Fire detection system, Explosive gas detection system)
7 "Ilidža" cultural center, Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
8 Entertainment Center (Casino and Hotel), Brčko (Fire detection system)
9 CDA theatre, Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
10 Regional Museum, Konjic (Fire detection and intruder alarm system, CCTV)
11 Slot klub "Amoniq", Sarajevo Fire detection system, intruder alarm system, acess control system, intercom)
12 Cultural center Fojnica (Fire detection system)
13 Building - heritage monument Panjina kula, Sarajevo (CCTV)
14 Sport and business center Pale (Fire detection system)
15 Memorial center Kovači (amphytheatere and auditorium), Sarajevo (Fire detection and intrusion detection systems)
16 Sports hall in Olovo (Fire detection system)
17 Sports hall in Sapna (Fire detection system)
18 Sports hall in Kakanj (Fire detection system)
19 Zetra Olympic hall, Sarajevo (Fire detection system)
20 Sport recreation hall Vistafon, Sarajevo (Fire detection system)