30 December 2015

Completion of works at S2 Complex in Sarajevo

In 2011 works commenced to build the S2 compound located by the main Sarajevo’s city road near major political and business organizations. The buildings include two-story underground garage, which also conveniently houses technical rooms for equipment for smooth garage and business facilities operations. The complex also includes 3 building with ground floor and 12, 14, and 16 stories respectively.
Once completed the buildings housed the following users:

  • Tower A – residential block
  • Tower B – Indirect Taxation Administration, Sarajevo Regional Office and the Federation of BiH Banking Agency
  • Tower C – Turkish Ziraat Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina Main Office

Fire detection and alarm systems were installed in the garage and Towers B and C. Each user has a dedicated fire panel and connection between the fire panels merges the panels into single mutual building system. Two fire system management software applications were installed for users who decided so.

CO detection system was also installed in the garage.

One of the users commissioned Arcus to install automated gaseous fire suppression system Novec 1230. This system was also installed in the u server room.

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