31 December 2015

Tuzla’s Mellain – Unibristol Complex Completed

Mellain Business Center was built at the site where popular Tuzla’s Bristol Hotel once stood. Initially the Bristol Hotel was built in one of the most attractive locations in Tuzla in 1908. But as the soil subsided due to years-long salt water mining, three-story Bristol Hotel was condemned and demolished in 1960 a new hotel was built near the Tuzla Brewery.

Construction works commenced in 2010 following demolition of the existing Bristol Hotel. The development project cost approximately BAM 150 million.

Architectural design of the center included four functionally organized blocks merged into a one-of-a-kind residential and business complex in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Block A, residential part
  • Block B, wellness, spa, fitness and swimming pool
  • Block C, residential part
  • Block D, 5-star hotel.

Arcus’ engineers and technicians installed fire detection and alarm equipment for the entire complex. The buildings also include several fire panels.

In addition to fire detection and alarm system, Arcus was commissioned to install CO detection system in the garage.

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