21 September 2020

Fire alarm system in Vranduk Tunnel put into operation

The Vranduk tunnel (1,062 m long) is located on the important M17 road.

As part of the rehabilitation of the tunnel, and due to the length of the tunnel, a fire alarm system with a sensor optical cable and a Siemens OTS device for receiving information from the cable were installed.

In difficult working conditions in facilities of this type, and taking into account the sensitivity of the cable, special attention is paid to the physical installation of equipment. The OTS device is connected to the tunnel management and monitoring software. It has thus become part of a complete system that manages the operation of the tunnel. The programming of the fire alarm system was done according to a special plan in case of fire. The operation of other devices in the tunnel was taken into account.

In addition to the optical sensor cable, due to the specifics of the building itself, a separate fire alarm control panel FC722 Siemens has been installed, which protects auxiliary rooms, niches, stands for hand-held fire extinguishers, etc.

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