Fire detection

In the field of fire detection we offer innovative solutions, built in accordance with highest standards, with modular construction, designed to meet specific requirements of every building. Our services in this field are based on solutions made by both Siemens Fire & Security products, and Esser by Honeywell, two companies that are the world leaders in this field of technical protection.

Solutions we provide are based on many years of experience and they have been perfected and improved over the years through the integration with solutions provided by manufacturers which became part of their corporations.

  • CI 1115 (series AlgoRex, Cerberus, Siemens)
  • CI 1140 (series AlgoRex, Cerberus, Siemens)
  • FC330 (series Synova, Siemens)
  • FC10 (series Synova, Siemens)
  • FC700 (series Synova, Siemens)
  • XC10 (series Synova i Cerberus PRO, Siemens)
  • FC72x (series Cerberus PRO, Siemens)
  • Control C (series IQ8, Esser by Honeywell)
  • Control M (series IQ8, Esser by Honeywell)
  • FlexEs (Esser by Honeywell)

Range of products that are connected to the mentioned control panels is wide: various management consoles, printers, automatic telephone dialers, various automatic and manual fire detection probes made in collective, analog-addressed, interactive, ASA and IQ8 technologies, parallel indicators of probe activation, probes with integrated sirens and voice messages, management and input modules, sirens strobes (conventional and addressable), fire-extinguishing management modules, specialized detectors (probes in smoke detector chambers inside air-conditioning ducts, linear detectors, Ex detectors, etc.), magnetic door release mechanisms… On larger buildings, according the needs and requirements, we connect multiple control panels into a unique system.

Given the increasing requirement for highest level of protection of certain areas housing very expensive equipment and data (e.g. server rooms), automatic extinguishing systems are installed. Management of those systems is typically integrated with fire detection system and we can provide solutions in this area of technical protection as well.

Fire detection equipment install is manufactured in accordance to the EN54, VdS, CE and other world-wide accepted standards and each product is certified accordingly.