24 December 2020

Completed works in the archives of the Potočari Srebrenica Memorial Center

The administrative building of the Potočari Srebrenica Memorial Center was partly renovated earlier, and the archive of the center was renovated through 2 new tenders.

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21 September 2020

Fire alarm system in Vranduk Tunnel put into operation

As part of the tunnel rehabilitation, and due to the large length of the tunnel, a fire alarm system with a sensor optical cable and a Siemens OTS device for receiving information from the cable were installed.

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15 December 2019

Completion of works fire detection system at Oil Terminal in Živinice

Having successfully completed installation of fire detection system in Oil Terminal Hifa in Zenica, Arcus won the contract of installation of fire detection system at Oil Terminal in Živinice, as a part of an reconstruction effort planned by Terminali Federacije company.

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1 October 2019

Beginning of works at protection of server rooms in Ministries of Interior in Cantons

Amongst projects financed by the EU, are projects of reconstruction and modernisation of server rooms in use by the Ministry of interior.

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Building “Elsta Mosdorfer” in Živinice protected

Zaštićen objekat „Elsta Mosdorfer“ u Živinicama

Živinice municipality has been witnessing an increase in investments lately. One of them is a production plant owned by “Elsta Mosdorfer” company.

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20 October 2018

Successful completion of fire protection works on Spa and Recreational Centre Aquaterm building in Olovo

“Aquaterm” Olovo was built in 1971 with only 17 guest rooms. It was expended capacity several times, both in terms of capacity and diversity of services, to reach its current capacity of 150 beds in 72 rooms, restaurant with terrace with 320 seats available, conference room with 50 seats, and gym and recreation hall.

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15 July 2018

“Dr. fra Mato Nikolic” in Nova Bila

Nova Bila hospital was named after the first licensed medical doctor in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Franciscan Mato Nikolic. The Hospital is a gift of Republic of Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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12 December 2017

Completion of works at Federal Ministry of Interior HQ building

Arcus d.o.o. has until now successfully installed fire detection and automatic fire extinguishing systems in several buildings belonging to the Federal Ministry of Interior.

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3 October 2017

Replacement of the fire detection system at Zetra sports hall

Olympic hall “Jun Antonio Samaranch”, known as Zetra, is a sports hall in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was built in 1994 as one of the venues for the XIV Olympic Games, held the following year in Sarajevo.

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9 July 2017

Beginning of works at the International Airport Tuzla

The first and the biggest airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the International Airport Sarajevo, where Arcus has been, for many years, maintaining, upgrading and expanding the fire detection system, according to the growth of the airport.

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10 October 2016

Completion of works in the Hotel Hills, Congress & Termal Spa Sarajevo

Following several successfully completed jobs for the Mrkulic Group in all the phases of building and expansion of Hotel Holywood, by our company, the Group rewarded Arcus d.o.o. with installation of a fire detection and natural gas detection systems in their Hotel Hills.

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11 April 2016

Automatic extinguishing system installed in the Central Bank of BiH

Central Bank is one of the pillar institutions of any country, that manages monetary stability of the Country, defines and implements monetary policy, manages foreign reserves, issue domestic currency, supports and maintains payment and clearing systems, coordinates activities of the banking agencies and oversees commercial banking system.

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31 December 2015

Tuzla’s Mellain – Unibristol Complex Completed

Mellain Business Center was built at the site where popular Tuzla’s Bristol Hotel once stood. Initially the Bristol Hotel was built in one of the most attractive locations in Tuzla in 1908.

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30 December 2015

Completion of works at S2 Complex in Sarajevo

In 2011 works commenced to build the S2 compound located by the main Sarajevo’s city road near major political and business organizations.

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29 May 2015

Completed works at the President Hotel, Baščaršija, Sarajevo

The President Hotel is located in the very center of the Sarajevo old town. Thanks to its marvelous ideal location, the hotel is ideal for visitors who travel to Sarajevo for both business and pleasure.

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19 December 2014

Completion of fire detection and alarm system at the Bijača Border Crossing

The Bijača Border Crossing is a category I crossing, facilitating movement of all types of goods. It was built according to the EU standards.

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21 October 2014

Refurbishment of Bosnia and Hercegovina Power Company’s Administrative Building

Bosnia and Hercegovina Power Company’s Administrative Building was severely damaged during the siege and bombing of Sarajevo in 1992-1995 was. Redesign of exterior and rough reconstruction were completed in 2001, but refurbishment of the interior of the building started much later.

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6 January 2014

Reconstruction of the Obala Main Post Office fire detection and alarm system

Arcus completed reconstruction of the Obala Main Post Office fire detection and alarm system in two months. The Obala Post Office is one of the Sarajevo’s most notable landmark and a classic example of Austro-Hungarian presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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1 December 2013

Office of the High Representative building – replacement of fire system

Arcus was contacted by the OHR Maintenance Department to provide bidding documents for design and quote for improved solution to fire detection and alarm system. Due to lack of lack of locally available adequate servicing and maintenance for installed equipment OHR was forced to seek for permanent solution of this issue.

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26 July 2013

Pediatrics, Gynecology, and Neonatology Ward, Mostar Cantonal Hospital

Arcus was commissioned to install fire detection and alarm system for the Pediatrics, Gynecology, and Neonatology Ward of the Mostar’s Dr. Safet Mujić Regional Medical Center.

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26 December 2012

Expansion of fire detection system in Thermal Power Plant Tuzla

As part of revitalization and modernization project of Block 6 in Thermal Power Plant Tuzla, our company was entrusted with fire detection system installation. This job is part of a larger project of installation of a new system that covers whole facility.

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07 October 2012

Opening of the Avaz – Robot center in Tuzla

In Tuzla, following two and a half years of construction works, a business and residential building Avaz-Robot Centar has been opened. It is a 32,000 m2 building including almost 11,000 m2 residential block (110 apartments). Ground floor, mezzanine and 1st and 2nd floors are reserved for business space. Additional 5.000 m2 is dedicated for “Robot” retail store.

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26 April 2012

Opening of Hotel Park in Doboj

Park Hotel is a modern structure located in the most beautiful part of Doboj, right next to the central park. It was built as a part of massive reconstruction of the previous Bosnia Hotel.

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