Access control

In order to prevent unauthorized access to protected areas without having to use mechanical keys, Arcus employs modern access systems which allow users with access privileges to enter protected areas using contactless cards, tags, magnetic stripe cards, PIN codes, fingerprints and similar protection methods. These systems have been part of our daily life for quite some time and we do not even notice them anymore.
Identification is based one or more types of control:

  1. by information known to user (code or PIN)
  2. by an object in possession of user (e.g. contactless card)
  3. physical identity verification (e.g. fingerprint)

In order to increase security, combination of those information is used.
Most important requirements for such systems are security and flexibility, therefore we selected Entro by Siemens series of products for this line of products.

Standard elements comprising access control systems are: segment controllers, door controllers, readers, door opening tasters, magnetic or other contacts that indicate door opening, various electrical devices that open or unlock doors (electromagnetic locks, poles, sliding doors, etc.), cards and other methods of identification, elevator control modules, power supply units etc.