As part of technical protection, CCTV represents an important component of a system as a whole. Facilities such as banks, casinos, airports, military installations, tunnels, modern shopping malls cannot be imagined without CCTV.

Clear content captured by CCTV cameras, which can be recorded and then further processed to enhance quality can be obtained only from the top-quality devices. Consequently, Arcus opted for equipment manufactured by Siemens and Hikvision.

Modern CCTV systems offer numerous functions some of the basic ones being image recording in various formats and at different speeds; image reviewing from selected cameras based on different criteria; sequential image reviewing, memorizing of positions of pan/tilt cameras for sequential reviewing of image for those positions only; remote surveillance of live image; immense software capabilities; and additional sound recording. Almost the entire system is expandable and it features facilitated ability of integration with other systems, especially access control and intrusion detection systems. Installation within small and medium sized structures is simple and inexpensive.

There is a large number of elements that CCTV system can feature including analogue and IP cameras (box, dome, etc.), lenses (fixed, varifocal length), housings (watertight, anti-vandal, etc.), pan/tilt/zoom mounts, power supply units, infrared reflectors, data recorders (analogue, hybrid, IP), control consoles, monitors, switching devices, data storage devices, image processing software etc.