24 December 2020

Completed works in the archives of the Potočari Srebrenica Memorial Center

The administrative building of the Srebrenica-Potočari Memorial Center was partly renovated earlier. There were peripheral elements of the fire alarm system of different manufacturers in the building, while the fire alarm control panel was not installed.

In 2020, the archive of the Center was renovated.

In the archives of the Center, our company has installed a fire alarm system, anti-burglary system with access control and video surveillance that is connected to the video intercom system. All embedded systems currently represent the very top in the field of technical protection of buildings.

At the same time, all existing peripheral elements of the fire alarm equipment in the building were replaced with Siemens CerberusPRO equipment, and everything is connected to the control panel that is located in the porter's lodge. This protects the part of the building that has been renovated so far and created the conditions for expanding the system to other parts that will be renovated in the future.

The Center's archive also includes a 3-bottle automatic extinguishing system with Novec 1230 Siemens Sinorix. The system is operated by Siemens fire control panel.

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