Intrusion detection

These systems are present in almost all kinds of modern facilities, irrespective of their use and size. In this field, we protect smaller facilities with equipment made by Siemens and Paradox companies, while for the larger facilities we use systems based on Siemens SPC control panels.

Depending on the size and complexity of the facility, according to the intrusion detection protection principle we can classify systems on:

  • Smaller systems; They are used as stand-alone systems connected to the remote control center (e.g. small shops and gas stations)
  • Mid-range systems, with multiple areas covered by intrusion detection, connected to the in-house control center inside the facility (e.g. shopping malls with warehouses)
  • Large systems, or high risk systems, with multiple buildings and local and remote facility surveillance (e.g. commercial banks)

These systems are comprised of large number of  devices: various control consoles (LED or LCD), passive IR motion detectors, dual motion detectors (IR+MW), glass brakeage detectors, panic buttons and rails, seismic detectors, various wireless detectors, smoke detectors, indoor sirens, outdoor sirens with auxiliary battery power supply, etc. For these systems there is range of solutions for event reporting to the facility control center.

At more complex facilities, intrusion detection systems are combined with other systems, such as those for CCTV and access control.