Arcus d.o.o. was established in 1999 and has been operating out of its main office in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company specializes in specialist services on various buildings, such as: office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, banks, industrial facilities, embassies, hospitals, schools, religious facilities, residential buildings etc.

Our primary area of expertise includes technical protection of buildings, people and their property.

Majority of our projects and operations are implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina. However, we have participated in several projects in neighboring countries, Libya, and Iraq.

During the course of our operations we either directly work with investors or through partnership with electrical works, civil engineering and other contractors.

Having based our solutions on the equipment made by the global brands in this field, we keep up with latest technical trends and achievements.

Our professionalism, reliability and efficiency of our services were reasons for numerous companies to decide to become our clients. Most of them have become our regular clients and we worked with them on subsequent projects following successful implementation of initial contract.

Our team includes 9 full-time employees (two engineers with BSc in electronics, one engineer with BSc in mechanical engineering, four electrical engineering technicians, one electrician, and one BSc engineer tasked for administration operations) whose expertise and vast experience is a sure guarantee of high quality services.

Given that systems such as fire detection and alarm system should under no circumstances involve any downtime, our maintenance and support department is operational round-the-clock. We also keep stock of spare parts to ensure speedy delivery of satisfactory services.

We carry out our operations in an environmentally conscious fashion and in accordance with environmental protection laws.